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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Yes, listing your property on SaveOnYourHome.com is entirely free for homeowners. Our mission is to empower FSBO sellers by providing free, comprehensive services.
The duration of the sales process can vary based on market conditions, location, and property type. On average, selling a home takes about 30-60 days after an offer has been accepted. Factors like inspections, financing, and negotiations can influence the timeline.

You can determine your listing price by utilizing a combination of approaches: Researching comparable properties in your area and considering factors like location, condition, and recent sales. Utilizing SaveOnYourHome.com’s Artificial Intelligence tool can help FSBO sellers set an optimal selling price that takes into account market trends and property-specific factors.

SaveOnYourHome.com can also make introductions to local Real Estate Agents  who can provide a written Broker Opinion on the value of your home.

To create a compelling listing, provide detailed information about your property, include high-quality photos or videos, and highlight the unique features. Our platform offers user-friendly tools to assist you in this process and listings can usually be completed in less than 5 minutes.

While not required to list your property, it’s advisable to have legal documents ready for the sales transaction, such as a purchase agreement, copy of the survey, title policy, and property disclosure forms. Your attorney can give you further guidance.

This varies by state. Please consult with an attorney  for accurate guidance. 

Yes, sellers have the ability to accept offers from real estate agents who bring potential buyers for a property if they choose. Commissions should be negotiated between the parties if applicable.

Effective negotiation involves being responsive, open to offers, and flexible with terms. It is also a good idea to seek advice from an attorney.

Buyers can benefit from our platform by easily accessing FSBO listings, which are not accessible through realtors, to get property information and schedule appointments at their convenience. We aim to simplify the home-buying process and offer complete transparency. 

SaveOnYourHome.com allows buyers to set specific saved search criteria for properties they are interested in. The platform will then send alerts when listings that match these criteria become available.

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While listing is free, we generate revenue by offering advertising opportunities to industry providers who can benefit from connecting with prospective buyers and sellers on our platform. This business model allows us to provide free and valuable services to our users.
Yes, you can list multiple properties on our platform if you have more than one property for sale by owner.

It’s advisable to consult with an attorney early in the process to understand legal requirements, assist with negotiations, and ensure a smooth transaction. Our platform can connect you with legal professionals if needed.

SaveOnYourHome.com offers a completely free robust listing services, access to advanced AI tools for pricing, marketing, and exposure to a broad audience of potential buyers. Additionally, we provide guidance and resources to help you throughout the selling process.

You can reach our customer support team by visiting our website’s “Contact Us”  page, where you’ll find contact information and a form to submit your inquiries or feedback.

We take user privacy and data security seriously. SaveOnYourHome.com implements industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information and data, and we adhere to strict privacy policies.

SaveOnYourHome.com works with select companies that must adhere to a strict Honor Code including mortgage companies, attorneys, vendors and other professionals who can assist with various aspects of the transaction. You can choose your own providers or use our suggested ones.

You have the freedom to cancel your listing on SaveOnYourHome.com at any time if you decide not to proceed with the sale or opt for a different method. There are no penalties for doing so.

SaveOnYourHome.com is designed to empower FSBO sellers by providing the necessary tools and support for success, bypassing the need for a conventional real estate agent. However, the choice ultimately depends on your comfort level in handling the sale process.

It’s natural to be cautious about inviting strangers into your home. While most prospective buyers are genuine, there’s always a need for safety measures to ensure that the visitors are indeed interested buyers and not posing any threat. One effective way to minimize this concern is by requiring potential buyers to provide a written pre-approval letter from a verified mortgage lender. This letter serves as proof that the visitor has undergone a thorough financial review, including an assessment of their credit, income, and assets, and that they are financially capable of purchasing your home.
SaveOnYourHome.com is in the process of rolling out its services across the United States. While the number of listings may vary by location, our suite of free services is available to anyone in the U.S. who wants to sell their home on their own. Whether you’re in a community with many listings or one with fewer, you can take advantage of our tools and resources. Additionally, the more people in your community who use SaveOnYourHome.com, the more successful you and others in our ecosystem (sellers, buyers, and businesses) will be. We encourage you to use our service and spread the word to help create a thriving real estate marketplace.

We are always ready to assist you.

Selling by owner doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Get your questions answered so you can move forward with confidence.

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